17-03-2011 | Nama : Anis | Alamat : Tanggapan : 1
I am here would like to inform to Mr Anas (this is my third report) about Setail River exploitation in Bulurejo Village RT 01 RW 01 Purwoharjo. The condition of the river is extremely devastated because of that exploitation. If you still care about this poor condition please do a real action to maintain the beauty of this river. It is useless having a wonderful site if there is no real action from the government after getting report from your residents. Please show us your concern to our grandchildren. don't let our environment devastated just because of short term orientation.

SKPD Tujuan : Tim Pengelola Pengaduan Pelayanan Publik
Tanggapan : Thank you for the information, the Government is always concerned about the environment, including rivers Setail, a team from the environmental office will follow-up. but the government can not alone maintain and preserve it without the role of the community to participate in their preservation